Folivari is a new, small company with little regard for marketing and market research. Its founders aren’t graduates of a top business school: for 20 years, Didier Brunner (a Master’s in Art History from the Sorbonne) was president of the company “Les armateurs”, which he recently left, selling his shares; Damien Brunner is a trained architect and founder of an extremely dynamic design firm; Thibaut Ruby was production supervisor on two major animated features these last three years (Ernest and Celestine by Daniel Pennac and Benjamin Renner, and The Song Of The Sea by TommMoore); Pauline Brunner is a film director and actress. Our founding team’s profile sets the editorial tone for Folivaris.

Our company’s ambition is to dedicate itself mainly to projects where high artistic standards trump the obsession with the market.The choice of the projects we develop and produce will come from the heart, as much as from any business considerations. Folivari will be more of artist’s studio than a production company geared to mainstream preconceptions and narrative and aesthetic formulas. The first two programs we’re laying the groundwork for, Ernest and Celestine: The Collection and The  Big Bad Fox, both correspond perfectly to the kind of identity we want for our catalogue. Folivari strives to become an architect of excellence in the world of French animation.

Utopian, yes, we freely admit it… but not naïve!


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