Nino Dino

Nino Dino SYNOPSIS Nino Dino Nino Dino, it’s life and emotions size XXL : T-Rex style ! He’s the ambassador of all children his age, he is excessive and temperamental. With him, everything takes volcanic proportions : he’s not tired, he’s exhausted ; he’s not happy, he’s in paradise ; he’s not grumpy, he’s furious… Read More

The Nazis, My Father and Me

The Nazis, My father and Me SYNOPSIS THE NAZIS, MY FATHER AND ME New York, 1941, a few weeks before the United States enters the war. Stevie Mayer is a very intelligent twelve-year-old boy, if a little spacy at times. Of German origin, Stevie sees himself as “a real American” first and foremost, and hardly… Read More

The Baker Street Four

The Baker Street Four SYNOPSIS THE BAKER STREET FOUR Billy, Tom and Charlie are the “Mavericks of Baker Street,” in the heart of London Town. Bold, streetwise kids who help the great detective Sherlock Holmes when his investigations take him to the more unsavory parts of the city - a world that’s tea- ming with… Read More