Nino Dino

Nino Dino SYNOPSIS Nino Dino Nino Dino, it’s life and emotions size XXL : T-Rex style ! He’s the ambassador of all children his age, he is excessive and temperamental. With him, everything takes volcanic proportions : he’s not tired, he’s exhausted ; he’s not happy, he’s in paradise ; he’s not grumpy, he’s furious… Read More

Ernest and Célestine, The Collection – Season 2

Ernest & Célestine, The Collection Season 2 SYNOPSIS ERNEST AND CÉLESTINE, THE COLLECTION SEASON 2 After a first collection and a feature length, Ernest and Célestine are back for brand new adventures! DETAILS Description Artistic Production TITLE Ernest and Célestine, The Collection Season 2 TECHNIQUE 3D-2D looking COUNTRY France FORMAT TV Series - 26 x… Read More

Samsam – Season 3

Samsam - Season 3 SYNOPSIS SAMSAM - SEASON 3 After two seasons and a feature film, Samsam returns to the small screen for new cosmic adventures! Samsam is a young superhero full of energy and enthusiasm: he is fighting funny monsters and surprising creatures with the help of his friends and his SamNounours. Just as… Read More

Ernest and Celestine, A Trip to Gibberitia

Ernest and Celestine, A Trip to Gibberitia SYNOPSIS ERNEST AND CELESTINE, A TRIP TO GIBBERITIA Ernest and Celestine are travelling back to Ernest’s country, Gibberitia, to fix his broken violin. This exotic land is home to the best musicians on earth and music constantly fills the air with joy. However, upon arriving, our two heroes… Read More