Le Peuple Loup

Le Peuple Loup SYNOPSIS En Irlande, au temps des superstitions et de la magie, Robyn, une jeune fille de 11 ans, aide son père à chasser la dernière meute de loups. Mais un jour, lors d’une battue en forêt, Robyn rencontre Mebh, petite fille le jour, louve la nuit. Désormais pour Robyn, ayant rejoint elle aussi le… Read More

Les malheurs de Sophie

Les malheurs de Sophie SYNOPSIS Depuis son château, la petite Sophie ne peut résister à la tentation de l'interdit et ce qu'elle aime par dessus tout, c'est faire des bêtises avec son cousin Paul. Lorsque ses parents décident de rejoindre l'Amérique, Sophie est enchantée. Un an plus tard, elle est de retour en France avec… Read More

Chronique d’un monde d’images

Chronique d'un monde d'images 70 ans du CNC SYNOPSIS Ils sont producteurs, réalisateurs.ices, comédien.nes, technicien.nes, scénaristes, musiciens ou critiques. Cette histoire, faite de portes qui claquent, d’entrées et de sorties de champ, est une fresque animée qui déroule 120 ans d’images.  Chronique d’un monde d’images, c’est un voyage au cœur du cinéma, des images mythiques… Read More

The Boob Fairy

The Boob Fairy SYNOPSIS THE BOOB FAIRY In an alternating editing, the film is a dialogue between the Circus' and a 4-year-old girl's worlds. Two portraits that combine and characterize the violence of two oppressions of our time: the conditioning and education of young girls with a certain definition of femininity and the training of… Read More

My Family and the Wolf

My Family and the Wolf SYNOPSIS MY FAMILY AND THE WOLF Summer. Hugo, a 9 year old boy, is going to spend his holidays in the house where his dad grew up by the sea. Grandma Sara wanted to reunite the whole family there for her birthday. One night, she explains that the Wolf will… Read More

Stinky Dog

Stinky Dog SYNOPSIS Stinky Dog Stinky Dog and his friend Flatcat are a couple of misfits who live in a trash can. Our ordered and narrow-minded society regards them as nobodies, as down-and-outs, invisible. Stinky dog feels no hatred towards those who reject him. He likes living in his trash can, surrounded by his friends.… Read More


Pachamama SYNOPSIS PACHAMAMA 16th century – Peruvian mountains Tepulpaï, a mischievous ten-years-old, dreams of becoming a Shaman. But according to the great Shaman of his village, the boy still lacks concentration and maturity. Besides, the village has other concerns: the Great Inca is furious that a big part of the last harvest was wasted in… Read More

The Inspector and the Umbrella

The inspector and the umbrella SYNOPSIS The inspector and the umbrella New York 1952. The day promises to be rainy, but nothing can affect our Inspector Frigg today. Nothing? Or perhaps his umbrella... DETAILS Description Artistic TITLE The inspector and the umbrella TECHNIQUE Traditionally hand drawn on paper COUNTRY France FORMAT Short Movie - 2’10’… Read More

The Summit of the Gods

The Summit of the Gods SYNOPSIS THE SUMMIT OF THE GODS Were George Mallory and his companion Andrew Irvine the first men to scale Everest on June 8th, 1924? Only the little Kodak camera they used to photograph themselves can verify the truth. In Kathmandu, 70 years later, a young Japanese reporter named Fukamachi recognizes… Read More


Samsam SYNOPSIS SAM SAM SamSam is conscientiously seeking his first-ever superpower but is winding up empty-handed every time! Thanks to Mega, the mysterious new student in school, he finally uncovers an “anti-monster power!” Let’s just hope it’s authentic, because SamSam is about to find himself face to face with a frightful “fluff-brained monster” who goes… Read More

The Big Bad Fox and other tales

The Big Bad Fox and other tales SYNOPSIS The Big Bad Fox and other tales Ep 01 - The Big Bad Fox  The Big Bad Fox recounts the misadventures of a young clumsy Fox and a feisty little red Hen. The Fox, both a little stupid and naïve, tries daily to devour the little Hen, without… Read More

Ernest and Célestine, The Collection

Ernest and Célestine, The Collection SYNOPSIS ERNEST AND CÉLESTINE, THE COLLECTION “Ernest and Célestine, the Collection” presents the original and exciting adventures of a big offbeat bear and a mischievous little mouse. Ernest is a Bear who marches to the beat of his own drum. He earns his living playing the accordion and performing in the streets.… Read More